Why You Need Fullers Earth Powder!

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Why You Need Fullers Earth Powder!


Are you looking for a natural product that is rich in mineral and highly absorbent for skincare? Fullers Earth Powder is your answer.

Fullers Earth Powder is a naturally occurring sedimentary clay, it is important in Skincare Routine because it is highly absorbent and rich in minerals. 

Fullers Powder is a great Cleanser that will absorb and remove oil, dirt, and grease, which means this clay is ideal for deep cleansing skin impurities. 

Fullers Earth Powder is also known as Calcium montmorillonite


Benefits and Uses of Fullers Earth Powder

  • Fuller’s earth powder is great for oily skin because it absorbs excess Oil.
  • Scars on Skin can be cleared by applying Fullers Powder
  • A great way to improve skin tone and have great complexion
  • Fuller’s powder is especially useful to those who suffer from Acne.
  • Dandruff, Split ends, Weak hair are some of the hair issues that can be treated with Fullers Powder
  • Soak your feet in Fuller’s Earth Powder dissolve in warm water to bring aching feet back to life.

Are you ready to explore Fullers Earth Powder?

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