Green-Tea Face Cream Recipe

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Green-Tea Face Cream Recipe


Battling with facial spots can be really hard, especially when all those expensive creams in the shops are not delivering the result promised. Fear not for help is at hand.

Green tea is a great skin healer, so for spots and other ageing signs, I have a simple recipe that really help.

​Let's make it!

Green-Tea Face Cream


DIY Green-Tea Face Cream Ingredients

1 tablespoon Emulsifying Wax

5g Loose Green Tea Leaves

40ml Rose Water

10ml Hempseed Oil

10ml Argan Oil

10ml Jojoba Oil

5 drops Tea Tree Oil

Homemade Green Tea Face Cream


 How To Make Green-Tea Face Cream

We are going to make 2 types of mixture: Oil-based and Water-based Mixture.

Boil the green tea in a sauce pan with 100ml of water to make Green Tea liquid. To make Water-based Mixture.

Set aside to cool

To make the Oil-based mixture. Melt the emulsifying wax in a double boiler

Add the Jojoba, Hempseed, and Argan Oil

Take the mixture out of the double boiler once the mixture is well mixed.

Add the Tea Tree Essential Oil to the mixture

Strain the Green Tea to remove the leaves and leave only the liquid.

Add the Rosewater to the Green Tea Liquid

leave both to cool to room temperature

Add the Water-based mixture to the Oil-based mixture, little by little, while stirring vigorously.

The mixture will thicken to make you a nice Green-Tea Face Cream.


Natural Green-Tea Facecream

Phew! Your Green-Tea Face Cream is Ready.

You can also make Citric Face Mask for removing spots, click here for Recipe

So keep it super simple,


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