Natural Body Lotion for Oily-Skin

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Natural Body Lotion for Oily-Skin



Hello Nature Lovers,

I am hoping that you all are having a fantastic time wherever you are in the world!

Today I want to remember those amazing people that are blessed with Oily Skin. I don’t think I talk about them enough. This is partly due to the fact that most of my recipes are based on my own skin issues, which is dry-skin.

Anyway, today I want to make a nice Natural Light Body Lotion for daily use by people with oily skin or normal skin. It is particularly great in this time of the year (summer). I hope you will find it useful.


Ingredients for Natural Body Lotion for Oily-Skin

Emulsifying Wax Beads- 1 tablespoon

Mango Butter- 40g

Virgin Raw Coconut Oil-20g

Sweet Almond Oil- 20ml

Argan Oil-20ml

Jojoba Oil- 20ml

Hazelnut Oil-20ml

Aloe Vera Juice- 600ml

Rose Fragrance Oil- 5 drops (Totally optional)


How to Make Natural Body Lotion for Oily-Skin

  1. Get a double-boiler and melt the emulsifying wax
  2. Add the Mango Butter and Virgin Coconut Oil
  3. Then add the Carrier Oils (Argan, Sweet Almond, Hazelnut, and Jojoba)
  4. Once this Oil mixture is well mixed take it off the heat and set it aside
  5. I always place the Aloe Vera Juice in a bowl of warm water to raise the temp a bit (Remember I live in a cold country)
  6. Test the Oil mixture to see that it has cooled to room temp
  7. Make sure the Aloe Vera Juice is at room temp too
  8. Start adding the Aloe Vera juice
  9. A little at a time while you stir vigorously, keep doing this until all the Aloe Vera juice is in.
  10. Add the Rose Fragrance Oil or any essential Oil if you want
  11. It will be watery at first, continuous stirring will thicken it.

Now! Your Natural Body Lotion is ready. Enjoy!!!!!

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